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using latex for wordpress

yeah so I have been getting used to the idea of blogging but the typesetting of mathematics on in html baffled me, but never fear there is always google to rescue you. So I found this nice little program listed on Terence Tao’s blog which a latex-to-wordpress python file, quite nifty! Well you also have to have the python shell installed but its a nice program to keep. Yeah a little bit of equations for proof:

Maxwell’s equation of electromagnetism in a vacuum with sources are

\displaystyle  \begin{gathered} \nabla \cdot \text{\bf{E}} = \frac{\rho } {{\varepsilon _0 }} \hfill \\ \nabla \times \text{\bf{E}} = - \frac{{\partial \text{\bf{B}}}} {{\partial t}} \hfill \\ \nabla \cdot \text{\bf{B}} = 0 \hfill \\ \nabla \times \text{\bf{B}} = \mu _0 \text{\bf{J}} + \mu _0 \varepsilon _0 \frac{{\partial \text{\bf{E}}}} {{\partial t}} \hfill \\ \end{gathered}

where E and B are the electric and magnetic fields respectively. The typesetting looks good for an html version!

Recently I heard that monopoles were discovered by some Russian experimentalists which I was very excited about! This would have lead to a modification of the Maxwell’s equations leading to a more symmetric form but alas the excitement was short lived when I later read that it was not the magnetic monopole! tsk tsk physics has been stagnant for a while now, with no new fundamental discoveries. Things have been calm, but hopefully with the LHC running now the QGP is verified to exist and maybe super symmetric particles are found!  Its like the physics community is the calm eye of the storm waiting for the next encounter with the approaching chaos.

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